Pecan Point On the Mighty Mississippi River

Pecan Point On the Mighty Mississippi River

When valuable farmland intersects incredible recreational potential inside a quaint historical town across the border of two infamous hunting states, that's when you know you've found Pecan Point. It's a dream property. With 4,000 acres of hardwoods,1,500 acres of Wetland Reserve Program land and over 500 acres of super fertile farmland, there's little left to want for.

Location Location Location

Pecan Point boasts an address in Wilson, Arkansas. You may not have ever heard of it. It’s a tiny Delta town straddling Mississippi and Arkansas that was named No. 9 on USA Today’s 10 Best Southern Small Town list in 2017. With a recent population of 900, this former bustling (pre-Great Depression) cotton town’s leaders have worked hard to restore the historical roots and charm that once existed. With classic southern cafes and mercantiles, Tudor architectures, community gardens and even a budding music scene, this small town has big appeal. And if the charm of Wilson isn’t enough to pull you in, Pecan Point is just an hour away from blue and barbecue in Memphis, Tennessee.

Income Property

The 6,058 acres that make up Pecan Point encompass an overwhelming amount of potential value. Because of the expansive acreage, the amount of bottomland hardwood timber available to harvest and sell is huge. The already-established tillable farmland means crop income could be practically immediate. And there’s always an option to rent out plots of land to hunters during the season as well. It’s truly a unique and desirable location with a rare combination of appealing investment opportunities.

Benefits of Buying Land in the Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP)

There are some serious hunting benefits to owning property in the WRP. Like the appealing shallow water for waterfowl. With 1,500 acres of WRP land and the option to buy 1,000 more, Pecan Point offers established water impoundments, water control structures and wells.

Then there’s the excellent deer habitat that the WRP creates naturally. The hardwoods and marshy plants create ample food for deer. Plus, the early growth offers great cover.

Recreational Value

The variety of game you will find at Pecan Point is impressive, including exceptional deer, ducks, turkey, dove and small game. Because Pecan Point is located on the border of two states, you can start with the earliest hunting season, and end with the latest. The property has multiple small and large food plots throughout to attract whitetail with strategically placed blinds across the property. Among its many other highlights, Pecan Point also provides exceptional fishing and boating with a concrete boat ramp, hiking and off-roading trails. Not to mention environmental conservation to observe and take part in.

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2 Cash Road
Wilson, Arkansas 72395

ACREAGE: 6,058 +/-
PRICE: $11,813,100