Whitetail Haven On The Arkansas River With Tillable Income



Whitetail Hunter’s Dream! This incredible farm on the banks of the Arkansas River is an absolute premier, turnkey hunting and income-producing property. Managed exclusively for growing giant whitetails, the current owners have groomed this river bottom mecca into a world-class hunting opportunity, with the added perks of high-yield crop production for added income. With over 330 acres of irrigated tillable cropland, the farm boasts incredible feed, bedding, cover, and water sources, attracting wildlife from all directions. Extreme Quality Deer Management has created an incredibly healthy herd, with a fantastic buck-to-doe ratio.

Current hunting improvements include large-scale irrigated food plots, an internal road system, secluded sanctuary bedding areas, and new perimeter fencing to keep livestock out. The non-tillable areas of the property are not currently being grazed, so grasses are in very good health, especially after the dead underbrush was burnt during last summer’s fire, providing additional browse for local species.

Included with the farm are 332 Ft Lyon Canal Water Shares, as well as a newly-upgrade well producing ample water to irrigate up to an additional estimated 60 acres. Also included are all current PVC irrigation piping used to irrigate the property. A high-quality 65’ x 120’ x 22’ dry-storage metal hay shed is currently being constructed and will be included in the sale. The current water well is being upgraded to like-new condition also.

A large food plot bordering approximately 65 acres of conservation-easement protected river bottom highlights the center of the property and was the center of deer movement all season long. Many mature bucks used the food source consistently, during both day and night (see trail camera link in the listing). Don’t be surprised to see an elk cruise by from time to time as well (Over-the-counter archery license available for these units).

Beyond big game, the property holds incredible opportunities for other wildlife including turkey, upland game, and waterfowl. The banks of the Arkansas consistently produce some of the best duck and goose hunting you can ask for, and a myriad of species call this area home. Wood ducks, mallards, teal, and wigeon are just a few of the local duck species seen on the property recently.

For income-producing opportunities, the farm is currently producing a fantastic alfalfa crop, and with the improved water opportunities and dry storage being added, you’re stepping into a well-oiled system with an in-place farm lease if so-desired. Continue with the current lease structure, or add to your current operation with little-to-no additional investment.

This property has it all, no matter your vision. Contact the land specialist for more info, or to set up an exclusive private viewing!


Property Details

  • Historically managed exclusively for trophy whitetails
  • Large, irrigated food plot in center of property (apprx. 17 acres)
  • High-yielding irrigated cropland with ample Ft. Lyon Canal Water shares
  • Farming improvements including an updated well, dry storage, flood-irrigation piping, and more
  • In-depth trail cam history with dozens of bucks from 2020 season
  • Internal road system for easy navigation
  • New perimeter fencing on majority of eastern half of property
  • Locked entry at all access points, keeping unwanted visitors out
  • 2020 fire cleared much of the underbrush, allowing new grasses to rapidly grow this spring
  • Large, mature trees including cottonwood, maple, and more
  • Protected bedding areas/sanctuaries with heavy cover along river edge
  • Located in hunting unit GMU’s #125 and #130
  • Qualifies for Landowner Preference Program Application
  • Whitetail deer, mule deer, turkey, elk, waterfowl, pheasant, quail, and more

JMBO743, Lot #WP001
La Junta, Colorado 81050