Top Shelf Midwest Waterfowl And Deer Hunting Farm For Sale


Kings Lake Farm is a multigenerational premier waterfowl and deer-hunting property located in the heart of some of the finest deer and waterfowl hunting the Midwest has to offer. The property is located in the southwestern part of the county along the Mississippi River. An extremely unique attribute this property offers is its location along the Mississippi River flyway as well as bordering the Great River National Wildlife Refuge – Delair Division, which is a 1,700-acre refuge that is closed throughout the entire year. This refuge is a sanctuary for deer and a staging area for waterfowl on their biannual migration. Access to the property is from the south from Iowa Cutoff road and enters the farm on the southernmost part of the property. Here you will find two cabins with enough space to accommodate larger groups of people, a bird cleaning station along with a large pole building. The property has over 5+ miles of trails meandering throughout the property. The south main trail follows the base of the levee just over 1.5 miles to the refuge line. There are several trails off this trail that lead to food plots, duck blinds or connect to other trails running through the farm. The trail leading northward from the cabins also allows access to various blinds and tillable fields not accessible from the south trail. If deer hunting is your primary focus, this property is everything Pike County is known for. Bedding areas, food plot locations, pinch points and funnels created by the various lakes, and most importantly, a refuge directly to the north. If you are a hunter that prefers a morning in the duck blind, the property has various blind options along with the opportunity to expand current blind options. Currently, there are approximately 70 acres of open water with the option to add an additional 15-20 acres by installing a gate valve on Kings Lake. If hunting over standing corn from a pit is more your style, a pit overlooking an 18-acre field on the south edged of the refuge between the two main lakes has historically been planted to corn and flooded each year (this field was not planted/flooded this year). While this property already sets up well for the serious waterfowl hunter, the property has a lot of potential to take it to the next level. Expanding water canals within the property, adding additional water control valves, and managing the flow of water properly could turn this into the ultimate waterfowl property the Midwest has to offer!!  If you are in the market for a premier property in the heart of the flyway, give the listing agent a call today for more information or to schedule a private showing.

Property Details

  • Once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a premier waterfowl and deer hunting property located next to the Great River National Wildlife Refuge
  • FSA map indicates 185 acres of tillable farm ground of which, approximately 155 acres were in row crop production for the 2020 crop year
  • Tillable acres have been rented for $32,000 annually in prior years; tillable acres were custom farmed for the 2020 crop year
  • Several acres of potential food plots on the south side of the farm
  • Approximately 75 acres of open water with the option to add an additional 15-20 acres of open water by installing a 40” gate valve on Kings Lake, which is currently dry due to needing a gate valve installed
  • There are several additional acres of flooded timber throughout the property and the use of water control structures allows for more or less flooded timber and open water
  • A water control structure on the main road by the cabins allows for water management of the main lake
  • The addition of a 40” gate valve will allow control of water levels on Kings Lake along with flooded timber around Kings Lake; a new tube was installed a few years ago on the outflow area into Sny drainage canal
  • No mechanical pumping is necessary to control water levels of the main bodies of water, as there is a natural flow of water coming into the main lakes and is regulated manually
  • There are approximately 18 acres that can be planted to corn and flooded via PTO pump in the north central part of the property
  • A pit blind is strategically located in the southern part of this floodable area
  • The Great River National Wildlife Refuge – Delair Division (1,700 acres) borders this property directly to the north/northwest and is closed to the public throughout the year expect for scheduled school groups and special hunts
  • 6 duck blinds and 2 homemade pit blinds
  • Two cabins located on the southeast corner for the property offer a great place to stay throughout the hunting season and accommodate larger groups
  • Large pole building located next to the cabins for equipment storage
  • Extensive trail system allows for easy access thru the entire property throughout the year – over 5+ miles of trails
  • Property is levee protected by the Sny Island Levee Drainage District and is subject to an annual levee tax
  • The property is bordered on the north/northeast by the Sny Levee drainage canal, Mississippi River on the south/southwest, refuge on the north/northwest and the Iowa Cutoff to the south
  • Not only does this property offer world renowned waterfowl hunting, this property also offers excellent whitetail hunting Pike County is known for
  • The main lake in front of the cabins offers excellent fishing for a variety of species
  • River access is just south of the property at the Clarksville Dam Water Front
  • Located southwest of Pleasant Hill, 2 hours from St. Louis, 5 hours from Chicago

Iowa Cutoff Road, Lot #WP001
Pleasant HIll, Illinois 62366