Recreational Waterfowl Hunting Property In Big Marsh Region Of North Central Iowa



This highly versatile recreational property is located just south of Big Marsh, one of the North central part of the states premier waterfowl habitats. This tract has been a magnet to large populations of waterfowl looking to escape the heavy hunting pressure in the area. Not only will this make an outstanding waterfowl property but wing-shooters will also appreciate the hunt-able population of wild ring-neck pheasants the property has been maintaining in recent years. These two assets of the property are a rare combination, especially these days. As a bonus, the habitat also has great whitetail hunting potential. These properties are often overlooked by deer hunters but in my experience are used heavily by whitetails during summer months and also again when area timbers start to get pressured by other hunters. Simple enhancements here can keep deer on this property year around. Call me quick to get a look at this great all-around hunting property.

Property Details

  • Located in a Waterfowl rich part of the state
  • Great mix of grass, several species of trees and shallow water ponds
  • 100% of listed property is under WRP easement but potential of adding non-WRP adjacent acres is a possibility from same sellers
  • Conveniently located on the corner of Highway 14 and hard surfaced 280th street
  • Just south of Big Marsh
  • 5-year management plan currently in place
  • I have several WRP owners willing to answer questions regarding owning WRP properties
  • Large wild pheasant populations present in recent years
  • Excellent waterfowl hunting opportunities
  • Stay tuned for 2017 trail-cam pictures
  • Minutes from Parkersburg and Allison
  • Pond sites could be reconstructed and made larger with NRCS approval
  • Excellent deer hunting area
  • WRP is a non-residual income providing program
  • Tract has abundant young, owner- planted tree population

Hwy 14
Parkersburg, Iowa 50665