World-Class Waterfowl Hunting Farm For Sale Near Grand Pass Conservation Area


World-class waterfowl hunting! This is the best waterfowl hunting farm you could ask for. Whitetail Properties is proud to represent By-Pass Farms! All tillable, only ¾ of a mile from Grand Pass Conservation Area, six 20 ft. pit blinds already in place, this is a must-see. Grand Pass Conservation Area is the Mecca of waterfowl hunting in the Midwest. From Grand Pass, Swan Lake, Fountain Grove, and the Dalton cutoff, this area is as good as it gets for migrating waterfowl. Grand Pass will often hold 200,000 ducks at a time. In an area where water is plentiful, you need to set yourself apart from the competition. To draw in ducks you need food, and that is what you have with By-Pass farms. With 121 m/l tillable acres planted to corn, you will have the buffet the ducks are looking for. There are six 20 ft. pit blinds already buried on the farm and ready to go so you can hunt any wind. There is a pond of the farm that is about ½ acre that you can hunt over. There is also a 3-acre m/l pool made by DU that can be planted and then flooded so you can hunt flooded corn. By-Pass Farms may also look familiar to you as there have been numerous hunting shows filmed on this farm such as Hunting Across America, Bird Hunting Across America, MOJO Outdoors and Buck Gardner. The link on the right will take you to a YouTube video taken at the farm. As we all know, waterfowl hunting is a numbers game; the more ducks you see, the more ducks you will draw in, and that is what sets this farm apart from others. If the ducks are flying, you will see them here. By-Pass Farms is not enrolled in any government programs such as WRP , so the new owner is free to do with it what they want. The farm is all class 2 soil making it more than just a hunting farm; it is also a tremendous tillable farm that will produce great yields. Between the farm income and hunting lease, By-Pass Farms can make a very good return and investment. Waterfowl hunting is all about location, and By-Pass Farms is in the right location! Call the listing agent with questions or to schedule a showing.

Property Details

  • 121.6 m/l tillable acres
  • By-Pass farms is so close to Grand Pass Conservation Area you can nearly throw a rock to it
  • The Missouri River Bottoms near Grand Pass is well known for its ability to attract and hold ducks late in the year
  • 6 pit blinds already buried and in place
  • Small pond and about a 3-acre pool that can be flooded on the farm as well
  • Small pond and about a 3-acre pool that can be flooded on the farm as well
  • No government programs = no restrictions, the new owner will be free to do with the farm what they want
  • All class 2 soils, making it a high producing farm
  • No current rental agreement in place for 2020, so the new owner will be able to farm it themselves or negotiate their own rental agreement

CR 315
Wakenda, Missouri 64633